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Aggro Capital Premium Membership

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30 Day Membership to Aggro Capital Premium Includes:

- Buy / Sell Opportunities on ALL major exchanges based on professional technical analysis.

- Mentoring, answers to questions, personal help, trading tips, etc.

- Educational/Helpful content to help you learn technical analysis and trading.

- Important news reports to keep you updated on what events are influencing the market.

- Access to ALL of Aggro Capital's Trading Algorithms.

- Access to the Aggro Capital Aggregator.

- Access to Premium Only Channels in the Aggro Capital Discord.


All orders are to be paid directly in Bitcoin (BTC)

In order for the Aggro Capital Team to fully verify and distribute access to this product, we require some additional information from you. This should be submitted through your order notes. If you forgot to include this info in your initial purchase, you may contact us at

Please be sure to include your Discord username/#
- [Example]: Satoshi#1140

As well as your TradingView username

- [Example]: AggroTrader1

Please be sure to read our How To Use section on our site before putting our algorithms to use. This step is highly important to ensure maximum efficiency of our products. *Manual Backtest Results*

Disclaimer: Aggro Capital is an analyst team, not a financial consultant. We do not offer investment advice. What you do with the information provided through the Aggro Capital Team/Algorithms/Affiliations depends entirely on you and you alone.

All sales are final. Due to the nature of this product, Aggro Capital will not be able to provide refunds.



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