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Aggro Capital uses proprietary in-house algorithms and curated TA to identify key areas of trade opportunity. Our algorithms are refined by Machine Learning Protocols and can be used on any asset! Forex, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, it's all the same to AggroCap! Join our discord community for discussion and more info!

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Only 1000 Active Licenses for Aggro Capital Indicators

We cap the total number of active licenses to ensure our signals are not overcrowded. Currently active licenses are denoted below. Once the maximum number of active licenses is reached all sales will be paused. Indicator sales will resume if license slots open up again.


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In order for the Aggro Capital Team to fully verify and distribute access to our products, we require some additional information from you. This should be submitted in your order notes or via our contact email ( You may also use the Facebook Messenger at the bottom right of this site or private message Jubbin#9427 over Discord.

Please include the following info:

- Your Order Number
- [Example]: Order #AGG1001

-Discord username/#
[Example]: Satoshi#1140

- TradingView username
[Example]: AggroTrader1

Please be sure to read our How To Use section on our site before putting our algorithms to use. This step is highly important to ensure maximum efficiency of our products. Manual Backtest Results

Disclaimer: Aggro Capital is an analyst team, not a financial consultant. We do not offer investment advice. What you do with the information provided through the Aggro Capital Team/Algorithms/Affiliations depends entirely on you and you alone. All sales are final. Due to the nature of this product, Aggro Capital will not be able to provide refunds.

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Do NOT trade based on what you see in any analysis provided by the Aggro Captial Team or this group. TA provided by the Aggro Captial Team/Algorithms/Group is not to be held responsible for any losses that may occur. You and you alone are responsible for deciding if you are comfortable accepting the risk involved in trading. You should only trade based on your knowledge, experience, and risk as a trader. This information is for educational purpose only. Trading in any market contains a high degree of risk. It is possible and EXTREMELY likely that you will lose some if not all of your initial investment. The Aggro Capital Team which produced this analysis is NOT a licensed financial planner or adviser. If you are unsure of anything in the financial market, always seek advice from a licensed financial planner or adviser. Any and ALL content published by Aggro Capital Team and/or affiliates should be NOT be considered financial advice. Invest at your own risk and as always, do your own research! By remaining/engaging with this site, you agree that you have read and fully understood this disclaimer and therefore take full responsibility for any decisions made based on the education provided by the Aggro Capital Team/Algorithms/Group. All sales are final. Due to the nature of our products, Aggro Capital will not be able to provide refunds.


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